Our Programs

Exceeding the ordinary standards of daycare, Education Playcare creates a fully immersive experience, one enhancing an infant's, toddler's, or child's development while providing a convenient, and high-quality childcare solution for parents. Within a safe, supportive environment at one of our Connecticut locations, children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development are enriched through our age-appropriate activities, and teachers, with a keen eye on the progress of each child, keep you updated with regular teacher conferences.

Our infant, toddler and two-year-old programs use The Creative Curriculum (pdf), as their guide in curriculum development. Our preschool and Pre-K programs use The Connecticut Preschool Performance Standards (pdf). Each of these guides provides a set of skills that the teachers weave into theme-related activities. The teachers then observe and document each child's participation and use those observations to write assessments. The assessments are then shared with families during parent/teacher conferences throughout the year.

Each of our Connecticut nursery school programs, from infants through preschool and kindergarten, is identified by the name of a bird to distinguish between their approximate age-appropriateness. At Educational Playcare, we do not assign children to programs based strictly upon their age, but subscribe to developmentally appropriate placement. However, the approximate ages of children in each program is indicated in the links on this page.